Sound Sports Rounding Bet

You bet on sports rounds or you\’re cheerful, right?

It\’s good to pay. Afterwards, pay for dinner, pay for cart, etc

I don\’t think you can make this much of a bet

I think it\’s perfect

If you look at the T-box of Sky 72 Golf Course,

There\’s a hall with these words written on it

I went out to the first hole with three friends

It is golf that three people finish 18 holes with the enemy

What\’s wrong with this phrase? Will there be?

If you make a bet, you\’ll get upset at any time Well, it wouldn\’t be a problem if it was a reasonable 1,000 won

Golf bet? There are many kinds of games





Las Vegas


Many of these games will make sense in the future. 5,000 won, 10,000 won

At the end, the reasonable amount of gambling is 50,000 won to 100,000 won

It\’s in an instant

The most common type of gambling golf is

Singles and 80s are the most popular

This is a gamble beyond the level of a bet

Today, Johnson Lee

I will never hurt your feelings

I\’d like to recommend a game where all your friends can laugh for 18 holes

a golf left-handed bullet

The golf left-handed and right-handed game is

It\’s not on anyone\’s side

After the round, I\’ll pay for the meal

You can play a fun game

5,000 won per hole. 2,500 won per person

I\’ll tell you the rules now

1)I\’ll take a tee shot

2) Two left balls, two right balls

3) Once the team is decided, we\’ll play as we are

The end! It\’s so simple, right?But what\’s fun about this?

The ball to the right is slice

The ball to the left is a hook

A straight ball is a miracle

Sky 72

For example, there\’s always one hole k)

If it\’s the left over right hazard hole,

The first batter is left over

Second batter, right hazard

They\’ll all follow the second batter K

Then, 100%? The third batter is hazard hahaha

Where should I hit the fourth batter? lol

Just look at the fairway and hit it

Golf is all about luck (Laughing)

If you tell me something that doesn\’t fit the world,

Lottery, weather forecast, fortune telling

하지만 잘 맞지 않는 것은 골프공

What about the next round?~

As Johnson Lee said, the round of the day

가장 즐거운 라운드라고 자신합니다

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