Healing Forest Therapy – Introduction to Healing Spots

The place of forest therapy is Song Ramyun, Buk-gu, Pohang-si. It is popular for its deep valleys, 12 waterfalls, and the beauty of the four seasons of Naeyeonsan. Bogyeongsa, located at the entrance of the hiking trail, is also a historic temple built during the Shilla Dynasty. If you go up the paved road after passing Bogyeong 3 Bridge on the left side of the road to Bogyeongsa from the parking lot, you will find ‘Naeyeonsan Healing Forest’.
Naeyeonsan Healing Forest is a forest healing center built in 2021. Based on the scientific evidence that forests have on humans, the ‘Healing Center’ and ‘Healing Forest’ programs are operated to improve health and quality of life in the forest by utilizing various environmental factors of forests.

The ‘Healing Center’ has two floors above the ground and one basement floor, and is equipped with a health examination room, heat treatment room, cypress foot bath, and a multi-purpose auditorium. The circumference of the ‘Healing Forest’ is about 2 km. The healing course is 0.46km, the health course 0.66km, and the healing course 0.83km, but they are all connected. Starting with Healing Plaza, Cheonnyeongjeong Pavilion, Healing Forest Deck Road, Natural Foot Bath, Meditation Rest Area, Yeoul Plaza, Negative Ion Pung Bath, Forest Shelter, Pine Forest Forest Bathing Area, Healing Mok Bridge, Byeolbaragi Madang, Forest Cafe, Great Oak Road, Forest It leads from Naeum Shelter and Jangsu Turtle Rock to Healing Plaza.

Forest therapy program

Forest therapy program is divided into general public, family, adult office worker, silver, and youth, and offers a variety of programs such as walking meditation for the five senses, stargazing, health gymnastics, aroma therapy, dance therapy, laughter therapy, stretching in the forest, embracing in the arms of a large mountain, mind healing mandala, etc. The contents are appropriately operated according to the target and situation, and the duration is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The operating hours are twice a day, divided into morning (10 am to 12 pm) and afternoon (2 to 4:30 pm). Closed on Mondays, January 1, Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok holidays. It can be used by individuals or groups over the age of 7, and the experience fee is 10,000 won per person and 8,000 won for groups. You can experience it after making a reservation.

The vernal equinox is over, and soon the mountain and stream will be brightened with yellow-green buds and chick-colored forsythia. How about taking a walk in the forest path in the healing forest of Naeyeonsan to heal the body and mind that are depressed and exhausted from Corona 19 and welcome spring with new energy?