Top 10 Benefits of 안마사이트 Massage

10 ways 안마사이트 massage site massage recommends

Massage is now one of the most recession-proof industries. This is largely due to the aging population and the fact that more people need touch therapy services than ever before. Statistics reveal that the number of people seeking 안마사이트 massage has increased drastically over the past few years. Massage has now become one of the most essential services performed in hospitals and health care centers. It helps relieve stress, regulates blood pressure and sugar, relieves muscle pain, calms arthritic pains, manages various mental conditions such as anxiety and depression, reduces back pain, and promotes a better sleep cycle.

There are also non-evasive massages such as hot stone massage which works as a deep tissue massage therapy (STDT) on a specific body part. While hot stone massage has become widely accepted, eros and alkaline interchangeable, there is also an increasing trend for people getting their hands on hot coals or hot stones to experience a painless and drug-free experience. 안마사이트 Massage Badges are a growing trend in the spa industry and have recently been introduced in over 28 spa locations worldwide. It is an entirely non-invasive massage therapy process that uses a variety of unique and challenging compounds that are known to relieve a wide range of body pain.

Novomatic Bodywork:

Novalomatic bodywork is a practice of Instruction, Meditation, and massage which uses body movement to promote healing and promote a new range of motion. It is one of the newest and most exciting branches of reflexology. Novomatic bodywork is based on a premise that movement is the source of most disability and pain issues in the body. The chiropractor uses movement to move the body and together with the body movements orthomolecular reflexes take place, which automatically heal and incorporate the body’s healing mechanisms. When combined with other lifestyle changes, the overall result is ania pain relief and a return to regular daily activities.

This amazing therapy offers you not only the physical advantage of being able to get up off your back with no pain (imagine that you can eat normally and still eat that delicious chocolate cake!) but also the advantage of moving your body and not just being another piece of furniture.

5. Chinese Medicine:

Chinese Medicine employs similar treatment processes to acupuncture but uses electronic apparatus and therapeutic water. Chi gong, a type of massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is also practiced.

6. Vision Therapy:

momentary and Vision Therapy deals with the use of whole body vision to bring about therapeutic changes in the body’s electrical activity.

Hemiflower headaches, a common condition, can be treated with a much less invasive treatment of the pterygopalatine afferent stations underlying the aura. This Afferent Stereosynovite therapy is non-surgical which provides relief from pain. Laser treatments are currently becoming more common in locations where Laser Augmentation is becoming available.

7. Homeopathy:

Although there are no long-term, scientific studies, there is evidence that homeopathy can help alleviate and sometimes vastly improve the quality of life for those who have specific conditions.

For instance, there is evidence that a specific remedy or combination of remedies can be extremely successful for alleviating pain in a certain body part for some individuals; however, whether these treatments work or not depends on whether these particular individuals have a condition that would make a specific remedy effective. So far, there is no established evidence that homeopathy can help cancer patients.

8. Mind-Body Exercises:

The classic notion that neurofeedback training can improve self-control through more self-discipline, and a related notion that non- imposed, non- competed restrictions on the mind, i.e. attitude, have been assembled into a powerful therapeutic tool for many people suffering from fibromyalgia and fibromyalgia (a condition which disappeared as recently as the mid-90s when brain targeting therapies became scientifically validated). Thomasially describes here a typical case. His symptoms diminished to a minimum, and after a stay at a hospital, he was able to return to his normal (preservative) life. It was a situation which Burtt, in which emphasized the caregiver’s role in the specification and treatment of Multiple SLEAR(low absolute Rare Anklerential).

9. Cognitive Therapy:

intrusion; a cognitively processed event into the unconscious mind, via neuron mechanorepineal channeled computing; stimulus, via bodily experience

10. entry; mind reading, or emotional self-body dualism

Consciousness (a cognitively processed event into the event), the residue left intact

B. Psychophysics.

gg안마 Massage Therapy

gg안마 헤리티지

GG안마 expressive Massage

expressive gg안마 massage is based on / are shifts in spacearily based massage. The focus is on exploring and releasing the patient’s_____ emotions. For example, if one is becoming stressed, the gg안마 massage therapist may move the patient’s legs to the front or the back of the body, moving the legs away from each other may create discomfort but soothing the patient may help him/her relax. The therapist may also use open-caption techniques to help the patient release the pain that he/she is experiencing with the gg안마 massage.

Receiving this type of gg안마 message is simple but the effect may be long; the combination of both cardiovascular and lymphatic gg안마 massage is intended to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. After a gg안마 massage, the body releases endorphins, hormones that act as natural painkillers. Endorphins also speed the procup ess of pain relief. In addition, you will learn the use of different gg안마 massage instruments including one that can be used for writing prescriptions, certain about therapy. Most gg안마 massage therapists also have special classes that teach you how to use these instruments as well. Most massage therapists also have addiction recovery specialists that work with you to overcome substance abuse problems.

Massulent gg안마-lasting Massage

Masculine gg안마 massage is based on the use of a large cactus inserted into the vagina. During a gg안마 massage, numerousathermia massageuramins allow the inserted large cuts to absorb into the skin, bloodstream, and organs. This can be a very invigorating massage that can help you reduce symptoms of certain diseases such as arthritis, inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, and of course, help you with occasional sinusitis and upper respiratory infections.

Receiving this type of gg안마 massage could be very relaxing but it is necessary to keep in mind that all individuals respond differently to large cactus gg안마 massages. While some may feel a slight warming or calming sensation, others may feel completely numb or unable to feel the massage at all. This isn’t a problem and is the intended purpose of the large cactus. During your gg안마 massage, use your best judgment, and be careful never to let the client take the large cactus internally. This can result in substantial internal trauma, and the worst-case scenario, death.

If you are suffering from a more painful injury, head to Grandma’s house and have her bathe you with a concoction of oils and herbs. The combination of oils will probably help to ease the pain, and the relief could probably slow down the process of your injury enough for you to start feeling better.

Have you ever noticed that the healing power of Mary and Bear, can almost definitely speed your recovery from anything, including old injuries? It’s possible to speed the healing process by using products commonly found in most offices. Needless to say, you don’t want to get your office thoroughly uncentered, do you?

런베스트오피 Aromatherapy types and usage

런베스트오피 Aromatherapy

런베스트오피 Aromatherapy is the use of aromatherapy to treat sickness. It can be Intuition based or external which comes in different forms.

1. Essential oil:This is the inhalation of essential oil that has the ability to heal or invigorate the body. Different sources of essential oils for different ailments. There are many spices, herbs, flowers, plants, and citrus fruits thatotics that through which one can access the effect of essential oil. One can follow a 런베스트오피 Aromatherapy walk in the park to solace any ailments. Many cities in the US embrace the aromatherapy process and have many retail and gift stores where one can buy essential oils and candles for home use.

2. Intuition based 런베스트오피 Aromatherapy :The essential oil that comes from aromatic plants is thought to have a direct effect on the mental state through the aroma of the oil itself. What is noticed is aistically grown from nature in which there is a noticeable smell that is not artificial and affects the brain chemically. The aromatic Source contain hints of armpit and toe hurting, anxiety, and concentration and the effect is like a mood elevator.

3. citrus aroma:The essential oil extracted from citrus fruits gives the pleasing smell that helps to relieve the person of stress and anxiety.

4. French lavender:This note smells similar to a rose. It has a relaxing effect and makes the body relax.

5. Elderberry extract:The effect of this essential oil is that it helps to relieve the person of muscle pain and headaches.

6. Lemon oil:This is soothing which helps to reduce pain and discomfort.

7. Lemon juice:The calming effect of lemon juice further helps the person to deal with the anxiety and strain.

8. Nutmeg oil:The relaxing effect of nutmeg oil is further enhanced when added to the ocean water.

9. Wintergreen oil:This is further enriched with the ability to sooth and relax the person.

10. The scent from extracting essential oils

o Is made using plant extracts which give a wonderful, calming effect, making the person feel calm

o Is made using wintergreen in a ratio of 100% – 3% by massaging the hands gently

o Is also made using citrus fruits in a ratio of 40% – 70%

o Is for immediate use

o Is hand-milled

o Made with only vegetable oils

o Not a drug

These oils are the most promising for the many ailments that have revel in our cluttered and polluted atmosphere. So, so what actually works? Well, in the case of aromatherapy, the essential oils have properties that are not generally recognized by the known and tested means. Aha! Now that makes things clearer.

In the following, I will try to clarify some of the confusion surrounding 런베스트오피 Aromatherapy, its uses, and its applications.

o When it is used in aromatherapy, it refers to the use of essential oils to bring desired state of well-being.

o Although some ‘carrier’ oils are also used, the essential oils are used whole to bring about the effects desired.

o The ‘claim’ that they can soothe the nerves and muscles is not proven as yet.

o However, because the massaging effect of the oils depends on the attitude of the person, some of the oils are said to ease sore muscles, give relief from stresses, help out with digestion, etc.

o Some of the oils are said to have opposite effects.

o However, the application of the oils should be free and easy.

o The use of the same oil in different 런베스트오피 Aromatherapy sessions resensitizes the body.

o Oils should be chosen by the person in consultation.

o The person should like the odour; the idea should be pleasing andaceous; and the person should inhale deeply.

o In the 런베스트오피 Aromatherapy session, the person is not allowed to choose the oil(s); the ‘carrier’ is chosen by the person.

o The person is made to sit in a particular position: one who is to have the head elevated, while the rest of the members sit. (The ‘ointments’ are the aromatic oils.)

o The oils are inhaled from a burner.

o Reducing the length of the sessions is an essential part of the art.

o The practitioner must have the right intentions: the practitioner should be suffering, and the oil should invite well-being.

The Demonization Of Genital Herpes


Those of us who have so-called “genital herpes” are caught between a rock and a hard place. We are proud that we have helped create a paradigm shift in how people think about herpes. Unfortunately we are also responsible for creating a harmful and Terminally Ill paradigm of fear and loathing of those who have genital herpes.

While it is important for us to advance our knowledge and understanding of herpes, it is also important that we put into our practice care and support for those people whose rejection we have been. The truth is that most people with herpes, like folks who get cold sores, experience a lot of fear and hurting when they are ostracized or minority groups challenge our membership. We need to take on this challenge head on and be compassionate.

Osticating genital herpes in people who do not have herpes is the quickest route to isolating and funneling them into the arms of our hate. For those of you with genital herpes it is important to realize that our Hate has been unfair to you all this time. And it will be even more unfair to you when they decide to make fun of you at every opportunity which is exactly what will happen if we keep demotivating people with herpes.

While it is clear that workplace accommodations are different than herpes outbreaks there are still a lot of differences between the two. For example, very often one person who has genital herpes will not experience any symptoms from the outbreak until it is miles in the future. The other person may be in the exact same condition as someone who hasn’t had herpes outbreaks. Even today, 2007, the exact same kind of experiment has been repeated by the same group of people. It is clear that herpes has more than one stage and multiple outbreaks are not common.

It is only natural for us to be protective of our own community and not embrace those who we know to be negative. This kind of blanket expulsion unfortunately is a damages to our community because people are pushed out of their lives. Legitimate concerns for people with herpes should be addressed by all who are involved in the care of this population. Including the people who are choosing to spread the word around herpes prevention tips.

List of commonly requested herpes facts:

1. There is no such thing as “safe limit” forGenital Herpes.

2. There is no such thing as “genital herpes Cycling”.

3. “Once bitten say never again”.

4. “Cure Control”.

5. “I’ll have to get tested before I have unprotected sex”.

6. “If I admit I have herpes, will they give me a bum discharge?”

7. “I admit I have herpes, why won’t you just let me die?”

8. “So you don’t cure me, you lousy doctor, you lousy hospital, lousy pathology, lousy pharmacist and lousy psychologist.

9. “I’m not sexy anymore, I know I’m sexy now, I’m just not sexy in the STD sense anymore”.

10. “I don’t know how herpes is classified, I thought it was STDs. What was I doing, humping bubbles of FACETE?”

11. Quoting lines from Girls by Stud, except skipping the part where they ask him if he’s ever had anal intercourse.

12. Also skipping the part where they ask him if he’s ever ejaculated and he says “um, once in awhile”.

13. Also skipping the part where they ask him if he’s ever had sex.

14. He’s tired of being tired and not sexy because he’s had a cold for three weeks.

15. He’d rather have sex with his invisible partner than with a real woman.

16. He’d rather sleep with his invisible partner than with a real woman.

17. He’d rather have sex with pretend women than with a real woman.

18. He’d rather dress like pretend women than with a real woman.


20. *This is not surprising at all.

21. If you haven’t guessed by now, the main reason he’s dressing like a woman is because he wants to be thought of as a woman.

22. He wants people to think that he’s a woman.

23. In order to think of himself as a woman, he has to present a feminine shape.

24. This makes it far more likely that he’ll get herpes and/or another STI because he has a broken condom.


The standard of illegal gambling and why gambling should not be done

illegal gambling

Reasons and standards for addiction to illegal gambling these days

It is said that the form of illegal gambling has been online offline. Access to gambling has become much better than in the past. Nowadays, it has become an environment where it is easy for anyone to gamble if they have a smartphone, so few gambling people don’t do it online. Looking at the penetration rate of youth smartphones alone, it is already more than 90%, so it can be said that gambling addiction problems are also being exposed to teenagers. 

OP사이트 supports eradicating gambling.

Sports Toto launches online illegal gambling addiction prevention campaign

Sports Toto Korea, a sports Toto trustee of the National Sports Promotion Foundation’s sports promotion voting rights, will launch the third online gambling addiction prevention campaign in 2021 through the 21st through the online official release site “Bet Man.”

The campaign, which will be held for the third time this year in conjunction with the Seoul Center for Gambling Problems, is designed to raise awareness of gambling addiction and to create an environment where customers can enjoy Sports Toto more healthily by preventing excessive immersion.

The 3rd online gambling addiction prevention campaign can be conducted by visiting the event page on the official online release site Batman to participate in CPGI and a sound purchase pledge, and participants selected as middle and high-risk groups can receive early intervention (prevention and healing) service at the Seoul Center.

Those who have completed both CPGI and sound purchase pledges in the campaign will be given BHC chicken sets (5 people), Shinsegae gift certificates (10 people), Paris Baguette 5,000 won (20 people), CU 5,000 won (20 people), and Starbucks Americano exchange certificates (20 people) through a lottery.

The Korea Gambling Problem Management Center is a public institution established by the government for projects and activities such as prevention, healing, and rehabilitation related to illegal gambling gambling addiction caused by gambling industry.

The winners of this campaign will be announced on the 25th, and details can be found on the campaign event page in “Betman.”

Prevention and treatment of illegal gambling

Conducting a youth online illegal gambling addiction prevention campaign

A campaign will be held to prevent youth illegal gambling problems. The Seoul Center of the Korea Gambling Problem Management Center (Director Shin Haeng-ho, hereinafter referred to as the “Seoul Center”) announced that the Seoul Youth Counseling and Welfare Center will conduct an online campaign to prevent youth gambling problems (hereinafter referred to as “campaign”) from the 28th to April 24.

With the recent development of information and communication technology and the expansion of smartphones, it has become an environment where teenagers can easily fall into online illegal gambling. The two organizations will organize this campaign to inform teenagers who easily fall into illegal online illegal gambling of the dangers of gambling harm and to provide healing services to teenagers with gambling problems.

Any youth living in Seoul can participate in the campaign on the website of the Korea illegal gambling Problem Management Center and the Seoul Youth Counseling and Welfare Center. Those who want to participate can respond to the screening test that measures the severity of the illegal gambling problem and write an acrostic poem with “1336” or “1336. If the screening test results are more than two points, if you agree to the early intervention text service for illegal gambling problems, you can receive information on prevention and healing of gambling problems for eight weeks

The Seoul Center announced that it will also provide mobile coupons worth 10,000 won to a total of 100 people through a lottery among participants in the campaign.

“The number of teenagers visiting the center is rapidly increasing due to illegal gambling problems,” said Shin Haeng-ho, head of the Seoul Center. “I hope this campaign will create an atmosphere where many teenagers check and prevent gambling problems on their own.”

Korea Racing Authority launches campaign to eradicate illegal gambling for horse racing officials

The Korea Racing Authority will launch an eradication campaign by July to eradicate and prevent illegal gambling by horse racing officials.

illegal gambling by horse racing officials is subject to sanctions through a reward and punishment committee in accordance with the horse racing enforcement regulations, and the Korea Racing Authority strictly imposes sanctions on illegal gambling related to horse racing under related laws.

This campaign to eradicate illegal gambling is also promoted with the aim of raising awareness of such illegal gambling and preventing it in advance.

According to a survey of illegal gambling conducted by the Integrated Commission on gambling, the amount of gambling in Korea was 81.5 trillion won as of 2019, about 3.6 times that of the legal gambling industry (22.65 trillion won).

The Korea Racing Authority plans to distribute promotional materials such as anti-penalties for illegal gambling brochures and posters and expose them to the homepage of the horse racing administration system in order to spread the seriousness and harmful effects of illegal gambling to officials.

In order to preemptively prevent illegal gambling, the government will focus on blocking temptations related to gambling by establishing standards such as guiding professional counseling agencies and encouraging psychological counseling, specifying sanctions on those involved in gambling.

An official from the Korea Racing Association said, “Special management and prevention are especially important for officials who make horse racing sick as well as individuals,” adding, “We will continue to do our best to carry out sound and fair horse racing campaigns.”

“The spread of illegal sports illegal gambling due to COVID-19” by the Korea Institute for Criminal and Legal Policy

illegal gambling

A Study on the Trend and Countermeasures of Illegal Sports illegal gambling before and after COVID-19

The overall sports industry faced a crisis of death due to COVID-19, but the spread of illegal sports illegal gambling has not been dampened.

The Korea Institute for Criminal and Legal Policy (Hyungwon) conducted a study on the trend and countermeasures of illegal sports gambling before and after COVID-19 at the request of Sports Toto, a trustee of Sports Toto, a sports promotion voting rights.

◆ Korea’s illegal gambling industry shrinks due to COVID-19…Illegal sports gambling still prevails

According to a Hyungwon study, the size of the illegal sports illegal gambling market in 2020 was about 20.2 trillion won. This is not much different from Article 20.5 compiled in the “4th Gambling Survey” of the gambling industry supervisory committee (hereinafter referred to as the audit committee) in 2019, which is almost the same level considering the range of errors in statistics.

In addition, considering that sports around the world were suspended for about 50 days in 2020 due to COVID-19, the illegal sports gambling market continued to spread. Hyungwon estimated that if there was no suspension of sports events in 2020, it would have increased by about 10 to 13% to 22.2 to 22.8 trillion won.

illegal gambling business act

* Estimation Method – Using the Scale Estimation Model of the 4th Gambling Survey of the Board of Audit and Inspection

* Source: A Study on the Trend and Countermeasures of Illegal Sports Gambling Before and After COVID-19, Korea Institute for Criminal Policy, March 2021

◆ Estimated tax and fund evasion due to illegal sports gambling by approximately 30 trillion won over five years

In addition, this study draws attention by estimating the size of portals such as taxes and funds due to illegal sports gambling. The Hyungwon calculated the amount of tax and fund evasion due to illegal sports gambling over the past five years based on the ratio of taxes and funds paid by legal sports Toto’s annual sales (about 31%), and the calculation showed that the size reached about 30 trillion won over the past five years. This is estimated based only on illegal sports gambling, and the scale is expected to be much larger if the entire illegal gambling market is substituted.

*Source: A Study on the Trends and Countermeasures of Illegal Sports Gambling Before and After COVID-19, Korea Institute for Criminal Policy, March 2021

◆In order to reduce the use of illegal sports gambling, strengthening the competitiveness of legal sports Toto should be a priority

An online survey was conducted on the perception of sports Toto-related systems for sports betting users, and a total of 1,696 people participated. Sports betting users recognized that the use of illegal sports gambling would decrease if Sports Toto’s system such as mobile betting, increased purchase time and games, allowed single betting, and increased dividend rates, while strengthening illegal sports gambling penalties, preventive education, and campaigns would be less effective. This means that in order to prevent the use of illegal sports gambling, the system improvement related to the strengthening of the gameability of legal sports Toto products is more effective.

* Source: A Study on the Trend and Countermeasures of Illegal Sports Gambling Before and After COVID-19, Korea Institute for Criminal Policy, March 2021

◆ It is necessary to induce active participation in eradicating illegal sports gambling by gambling industry implementation agencies

The Audit and Inspection Committee has been conducting a robust evaluation of the gambling industry implementation institutions every year since 2010, and reflects it in the process of setting the total sales volume for the next year according to the evaluation performance.

In a research report, Hyung Jeong-won pointed out that the audit committee’s soundness evaluation has had many positive effects on the soundness of the gambling industry, but the current evaluation system is not enough to induce voluntary efforts by gambling agencies to eradicate illegal sports gambling.

If the contribution of implementing agencies related to eradicating illegal gambling is reflected in the soundness evaluation and reflected in the setting of total sales, voluntary efforts by implementing agencies will be strengthened and the illegal gambling industry can be effectively responded to.

◆ Benchmarking of overseas sports betting companies and strengthening the competitiveness of the domestic sports betting industry are urgently needed

As the non-face-to-face situation intensifies due to COVID-19, the domestic professional sports and indoor sports industry is facing a crisis of death, and the gambling industry is also shrinking. On the contrary, overseas sports betting companies that have established sales networks based on the Internet and mobile are increasing their sales despite the crisis of suspending sports games due to COVID-19. The overseas sports betting market is expected to shift from offline to mobile in the future based on the already learned mobile betting method.

The research report proposed △ benchmarking overseas sports betting companies’ competitiveness after COVID-19 △ reducing regulations and delaying the application of total sales, etc. 국내 expanding the domestic sports betting industry’s competitiveness 환 improving the refund rate system 모 improving the sales system.

The expansion of bets for domestic competitions needs to be reviewed, considering the reality and measures to revitalize unpopular sports, and single bets are already in place worldwide, although there are concerns about gambling, and the survey above shows that they will be effective in reducing illegal sports gambling users.

The improvement of the refund rate system is an effective measure that can be used soundly within the institutional sphere and suppress the expansion of the illegal market. Considering the increase or decrease in sales due to the adjustment of the refund rate over the past decade, the increase in sales due to the increase in the refund rate has been studied to turn illegal sports gambling demand into a legal business, and a survey of users has also shown that the adjustment is effective in reducing illegal use.

Mobile betting is the most effective way to respond to overseas sports betting companies and illegal sports gambling markets, and the sports Toto business is the key to turning into a customer-centered service business.

The improvement of the total sales system for the gambling industry is expected to help induce voluntary efforts by implementing agencies to grow the legal gambling industry and eradicate illegal sports gambling.

◆The government needs to make efforts to crack down on illegal sports gambling

The research report raised the need to establish a dedicated organization within the National Police Agency to effectively crack down on illegal sports gambling, minimize confusion in the crackdown and investigation, and develop and promote cooperation with the National Police Agency and the autonomous police if the department is confirmed.

In addition, it pointed out that illegal site operators take one to two days to open a replica site, while illegal site reporting/blocking process takes more than a month, limiting its effectiveness. To minimize this, it proposed to introduce a “fast blocking system for illegal gambling information.”

Finally, he said that the period of crackdown on illegal gambling, which is irregular and one-off, needs to be regularly linked to gambling industry enforcement agencies, operating entities, prosecution and police, and information and communication supervisory agencies such as related to crackdown and investigation.

gambling addiction prevention education campaign

Efforts to establish the race race as a healthy leisure culture continue.

The Gyeongju Business Headquarters of the National Sports Promotion Corporation visited Incheon Branch and Bucheon Branch for two days on the 19th and 20th.

This preventive education and campaign was conducted to inform the customers of the economy and to raise awareness of gambling addiction and to strengthen awareness of responsible gambling. In addition, it was designed to induce the establishment of healthy leisure culture in the economy-related business.

The education was conducted through a specialist counselor at the Gyeongju Business Headquarters’ Hope Gilbot (Addiction Prevention and Healing Center) with a lecture on prevention of addiction, relaxation of over-indulgence, and healing methods under the theme of Gambling Addiction and Immersion.

In addition, the credit recovery committee counselor’s gambling game and immersion added to the problems and harms that occur in family, work, and economic and legal. It is to raise seriousness and awareness about gambling addiction.

Then, a self-diagnosis test (CPGI) screening test was conducted to diagnose the degree of gambling addiction among participants, and a high risk group of gambling addiction was found. And in the field, one-on-one in-depth counseling led to deaddiction.

In particular, the activities were conducted jointly by the Korea Gambling Problem Management Center Incheon Center, as well as the credit recovery committee’s personal credit recovery and debt adjustment consultation. It is an evaluation that it has improved the response and effectiveness of participating customers.

“Prevention activities are essential to prevent the harm caused by gambling addiction early,” said a source from Gilbot, who conducted the preventive education. “The Gyeongju headquarters will take the lead in eradicating gambling addiction by developing more active activities in the future.”

Meanwhile, gambling addiction prevention education continues in the future. On the 26th and 27th, Gwanak and Chang’an branches, June 9th and 10th will be held at Seongbuk and Dongdaemun branches, and June 16th and 17th will be held at Uijeongbu and Gangnam branches.

Let’s self-diagnose whether or not you’re addicted to games!

Most gamers don’t know whether they’re addicted or not, so it’s so easy to start playing games when we’re young that we’re addicted to games. I think it is the most urgent thing to understand the seriousness by doing self-diagnosis directly ~ !

Why did he talk about game addiction and even propose game addiction?

The most basic concept is that if you are addicted to the game, you will not have a conversation and your grades will fall. If these symptoms are left untouched, it will become a serious condition that can not help but be isolated from society
So if you look at yourself and see these symptoms, you should consult your parents, teachers, game addiction counseling center, etc. and treat them!

So, do you want to know what these symptoms are?

Game addiction is not only an Internet game, but also a smartphone game,
The same goes for PlayStation and Nintendo. First of all, our children who are suffering from abnormalities in school and everyday life due to loss of control and control due to game addiction, and are addictive like drugs, so we do not know how to leave in front of the computer at this time!!
Not only teenagers but adults also show similar phenomena.
I think that the psychological stress that I want to escape from reality is an act to be rewarded through games.

So, do you want me to see if I’m a game addict or not through self-diagnosis?

도박중독을 치료하는데 유용한 마사지 정보는 런베스트오피가 잘 알려 줍니다.

[Game Addiction Self-Diagnosis]

Please check carefully to see if there are any items.
(As it is a self-diagnosis, please judge it conscientiously.)
1.It feels like the game has taken a very important position in its life.
2. To feel satisfied, they play games for more and more time.
3. If you do not play a game or suddenly reduce the game time, you feel anxiety, anxiety, nervousness, and discomfort.
4. Because of the game, conflicts arise with family, friends, and people around them, and problems arise in the current life of schools, family life, etc.
5.I have been pointed out about playing a lot of games around me, but I have lied that there is no problem with the game.
6. Playing games makes you feel uncomfortable and difficult at school or at home.
7. I recognize that there is a problem with playing too much games and try to control myself, but I have often failed and desperated.
8. They are using more time, energy, and money to play games.
9. If you play games for a long time, such as a night’s break, you feel chronic fatigue and it is difficult to concentrate on classes (work) due to lack of sleep.
10. There is no hobby like sports other than games;
11. Use the chat language in the game as an identification in real life;
12. Life becomes irregular through games, perception and absence become frequent, and furthermore, he has acted in trouble such as returning home, staying out, and running away from home.
13. There are many irritating and impulsive behaviors, and they have rebelled and resisted against their parents and surrounding adults.
14. Human relations between family and school become estranged or conflict increases, and more friends on cyber.

It’s not a game addiction. I’m enjoying the game with the right lines.
<4 to 8> Game addiction is currently in progress. It is a good way to recognize that there is a problem on your own so that you do not become addicted to games, and to reduce game time.
<9 ~ 14> It is a game addiction, and it is suffering from many obstacles to everyday life due to the game.
You can not escape from game addiction yourself, and you need to consult with experts.

What should we do with game addiction?
The most important thing is that I want to get out of the game myself
It is most important, and it is most important to increase the outdoor activity time by talking with family members and exercising with friends.In addition, making efforts to make efforts for your own dreams or what you want rather than games is a shortcut to escape game addiction.

How Skin Toners Help You


There are so several debates on the utilization of skin toners. Some use it as an important skin care step. But others use it as an excuse to flaunt a great skin. Who knows, skin toners could be an important booster for a great skin.

Toners are effective in cleansing the epidermis. This is a layer of the skin after sloughing off the dead epidermis cells. They stay on the skin for about 15 seconds before fading off. This procedure must be performed by a dermatologist. It is recommended that a cotton ball should be used for application. This procedure must be followed by a good moisturizer type product. A moisturizer helps to constrict the pores of the skin. Skin toners work effectively on oily and combination skin.

Basically toners are mild astringent preparations. They help to tighten the pores of the skin. They are much effective on ruining oily and pimple prone skin. Skin toners tighten the slightly closed pores of the skin. They are much better than astringents. But, you must not use astringent preparations on the healthy skin. If your skin is in a bad state, use ofskin toners might ruin it.

If you are working in a harmful environment such as a steamy building or a polluted area, you must use skin toners regularly to feel comfortable. They will make you feel fresh and cool. Apply a good moisturizer regularly to retain the moisture on your face. You can use mild cosmetics or some cosmetics available in the market. They do not harm your skin.

While choosing a skin toner, it is recommended that you go for herbal products as they do not have any side effects. Toners help to check the oil secretion of the skin. If your skin is oily and its surface shows blackheads and spots, you can apply a good toner on it. But, you should avoid using it for an oily skin. Use of toners is also not recommended for persons who have dry skin. You must apply a good moisturizer after applying a toner on dry skin.

The manner in which you apply toners is suggested by a dermatologist. He or she suggests the manner in which you can apply toners after consulting with him or her. You can apply toners after steaming your face, as it helps in removing the sweat and dirt. You can also apply it with cotton wool. Applying of toners must be carried out gently. It is recommended that a cotton swab should be used for application of toners.

Toner Fillers

There are various topical fillers available containing traces of astringents and alcohols, which help in tightening the pores of the skin. Some of them contain valuable ingredients like copper and gold. There are certain side effects associated with the use of such fillers. The following are a few of them:

· Itchiness

· Dryness

· Irritation

· Swelling

· Bruising

If you have undergone a surgical treatment on your skin, the skin could become a bit reddish in spite of the use of a good moisturizer. The colour of the skin should return to its normal appearance in a minimum period of three months. In some cases, the recovery period may take longer. It is safer to consult a dermatologist before opting for any such filler.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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Military Smartphone Gambling


Allow smartphones…1.3 Billion Illegal Gambling Private Army

The number of illegal gambling cases surged after soldiers brought in smartphones in the military unit.

According to data submitted by lawmaker Kim Seung-soo (Daegu Buk-gu Eul) on the 4th, a total of 1,557 cases were caught using illegal gambling by general soldiers in 2017-2021, and the total amount was 60.5 billion won.

By year, 52 cases (26.6 billion won) in 2017, 104 cases (32.5 billion won) in 2018, 535 cases (16.94 billion won) in 2019, 564 cases (23.76 billion won) in 2020, and 302 cases (139.5 billion won) in 2021. In 2019, the number of caught cases increased five times after allowing soldiers to bring smartphones into the unit.

Among the number of illegal gambling cases, the number of illegal gambling using PCs increased significantly from 29 in 2017 to 81 in 2018, 507 in 2019, and 293 in 2021, while the number of illegal gambling using PCs increased significantly from 29 in 2017.

More than 100 million won in gambling has also increased. The number of cases in which more than 100 million won in gambling was detected is on the rise from 6 in 2017, 38 in 2019, 48 in 2020, and 40 in 2021, with 3 cases in 2019, 12 in 2020, and 7 in 2021.

The largest amount of gambling caught was confirmed as Army Private A caught in 2020 after illegally gambling on the Internet about 1.34 billion won over 2,100 times.

Representative Kim said, “The use of mobile phones by ordinary soldiers is positive, but illegal gambling problems need to be prepared due to lax discipline and safety issues in the entire barracks,” adding, “As the pilot operation of mobile phones has recently begun, related agencies such as the Ministry of National Defense should work to eradicate gambling.”

Military smartphones were not allowed…Army Private Who Plundered 1.3 Billion Won Online

After allowing the use of smartphones within military units, the number of illegal gambling cases has increased five times, pointing out that it is urgent to come up with measures.

According to the data submitted by lawmaker Kim Seung-soo of the People’s Power (Bukgueul, Daegu) from the Ministry of National Defense on the 4th, a total of 1,557 cases were caught using illegal gambling in units between 2017 and 2021, and the total amount was 60.5 billion won.

By year, 52 cases (26.6 billion won) in 2017, 104 cases (32.5 billion won) in 2018, 535 cases (16.94 billion won) in 2019, 564 cases (23.76 billion won) in 2020, and 302 cases (139.5 billion won) in 2021. In 2019, the number of caught cases increased five times after allowing soldiers to bring smartphones into the unit.

In particular, among the number of illegal gambling cases, illegal gambling using PCs increased significantly from 23 in 2017, 23 in 2018, 28 in 2019, 23 in 2020, and 9 in 2021, while the number of smartphones used increased significantly from 29 in 2017 to 81 in 2018, 507 in 2019, and 293 in 2021.

Not only the number of cases, but also high gambling of more than 100 million won increased. The number of cases in which more than 100 million won in gambling was detected is on the rise from 6 in 2017, 38 in 2019, 48 in 2020, and 40 in 2021, with 3 cases in 2019, 12 in 2020, and 7 in 2021.

The largest amount of gambling detected was confirmed to be Army Private A, who was caught in 2020 after illegally gambling on the Internet about 1.34 billion won over 2,100 times. Lawmaker Kim stressed, “The use of mobile phones by ordinary soldiers is positive, but the problem of illegal gambling needs to be prepared due to lax discipline and safety issues in the entire barracks.”

He also said, “As the pilot operation of mobile phone use has recently begun, related organizations such as the Ministry of National Defense should make efforts to come up with solutions to eradicate gambling and ways to live a healthy leisure life in the military.”

Soldiers in the Gambling…Rep. Kim Seung-soo points out that the military is taking illegal gambling, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars

“After allowing smartphones, illegal Internet gambling in the military is serious
“Total amount of illegal gambling detected has soared from 3.2 billion won in 2018 to 23.7 billion won in 2020.”

Military Smartphone Gambling
Military Smartphone Gambling

After allowing ordinary soldiers to bring smartphones into the military unit, the number of illegal gambling cases as well as the amount of gambling has increased rapidly. As the pilot operation of using mobile phones has recently begun 24 hours a day, it is urgent to come up with measures to eradicate illegal gambling.

According to the data submitted by lawmaker Kim Seung-soo (Daegu Buk-gu Eul) from the Ministry of National Defense on the 4th, a total of 1,557 cases were caught and booked for illegal gambling within the military between 2017 and 2021. The total amount of detection amounts to 60.5 billion won.

By year, 52 cases (2.66 billion won) in 2017 and 104 cases (3.25 billion won) in 2018 increased significantly from 535 cases (16.94 billion won) in 2019, 564 cases (23.76 billion won) in 2020 and 302 cases (13.95 billion won) in 2021.

This is interpreted as the result of a surge in the number of illegal gambling detections after allowing ordinary soldiers to enter smartphones in military units during the Moon Jae In government in 2019. The amount of caught increased from billions of won to tens of billions of won.

Among the actual number of cases caught, the number of illegal gambling using PCs increased significantly from 23 in 2017, 23 in 2018, 28 in 2019, 23 in 2020, and 9 in 2021, compared to 29 in 2017, 81 in 2018, 507 in 2019, 540 in 2020, and 293 in 2021.

More than 100 million won in high-priced gambling also increased. The number of cases caught with more than 100 million won in gambling increased significantly from six in 2017 and 2018, to 38 in 2019, 48 in 2020, and 40 in 2021.

The number of cases of more than 300 million won was also 3 in 2019, 12 in 2020, and 7 in 2021.

The largest amount of gambling caught was Army Private A caught in 2020 after illegally gambling on the Internet about 1.34 billion won over 2,100 times. Army Sergeant B followed with 1.19 billion won (2020) and Army Sergeant C with 628 million won (2019).

Kim Seung-soo, a lawmaker of the People’s Power, said, “The use of mobile phones by ordinary soldiers is positive, but there is a possibility that it will become a safety issue due to lax discipline in the barracks due to illegal gambling.”

도박 예방 상담 문의 :

Prevention of bicycle racing gambling addiction

자전거 경륜

Bicycle racing Gambling addiction prevention education and campaign program development for customers who use ‘bicycle racing’

Conduct education and campaign programs to establish bicycle racing as a healthy leisure culture.

The National Sports Promotion Agency (Chairman Hyun-jae Cho) said that the Gyeongju Business Headquarters directly visited the Incheon and Bucheon branches on the 19th and 20th to conduct gambling addiction prevention education and campaigns for bicycle riders.

This prevention education/campaign was prepared to inform customers about the dangers of gambling addiction, to reinforce awareness of responsible gambling and to induce the establishment of a healthy leisure culture in the bicycle racing business.

The education was conducted with a lecture on addiction prevention, alleviation of over-immersion, and healing methods under the theme of \’gambling addiction and immersion\’ through a professional counselor at Hope Gilbet (Addiction Prevention and Healing Center) at the Gyeongju Business Headquarters.

In addition, by explaining the problems and harms of family, workplace, and economic and legal problems caused by excessive immersion in speculative games by a professional counselor of the Credit Recovery Committee, the seriousness and awareness of gambling addiction were aroused.

Then, through a self-diagnostic test (CPGI) screening test to diagnose the degree of gambling addiction among participants, high-risk groups of gambling addiction were identified, and one-on-one in-depth counseling was induced on the spot.

In particular, this activity is evaluated to have improved the response and effectiveness of participating customers by jointly providing counseling on gambling problems with the Incheon Center of the Korea Gambling Management Center, as well as counseling on personal credit recovery and debt restructuring by the Credit Recovery Committee. .

An official from Hope Gilbot, who conducted this prevention education, said, “Preventive activities are absolutely necessary to prevent the harmful effects of gambling addiction at an early stage.” will,” he said.

Meanwhile, education on gambling addiction prevention will continue. It will be held at the Gwanak and Jangan branches on the 26th and 27th, respectively, at the Seongbuk and Dongdaemun branches on June 9 and 10, and at the Uijeongbu and Gangnam branches on June 16 and 17.

Customers are participating in the bicycle racing over-immersion prevention campaign

Sound Bicycle Race Information :

Op-Runbe\’s Blog To Eradicate Illegal Gambling

Youth Illegal Online Gambling

청소년 도박근절

Drugs are called highly addictive crimes. But gambling is a more addictive crime than drugs. Looking at the size of the illegal gambling market, it was found that as of 2015, it reached about 83.8 trillion won and up to 169.7 trillion won. Considering that the size of the construction market is 100 trillion won per year, the scale is actually enormous. Many people are into the world of illegal gambling.

Conventionally, illegal gambling was done in remote greenhouses in the countryside. However, now, due to the popularization of smartphones and the development of information and communication technology, illegal gambling can be enjoyed online without restrictions on time and place. Some studies show that online gambling is more addictive than offline gambling. As of 2015, online gambling accounted for 56% (47 trillion won) of the total amount of illegal gambling. It is only a matter of time before online illegal gambling exceeds the size of offline illegal gambling.

The most serious problem is that the rapid growth of illegal online gambling is coloring teenagers in gambling. The Korea Center for Gambling Management said 6.4% of middle and high school students and 21% of out-of-school teenagers are having problems due to gambling.

I\’m having a serious problem with gambling

You can\’t act like you\’re watching a fire across the river

The problem of online illegal gambling among teenagers is also a gambling addiction, but it is a bigger problem as it can lead to other crimes. It can cause violence in schools to cover gambling costs. If it becomes difficult to cover expenses within a school, you can commit theft or robbery of another person\’s property. Or, they are misled by the advertisement for \”short-term emergency money\” and touch illegal bonds. Illegal bonds carry astronomical interest. Interest is dozens of times the principal. In order to pay off illegal bonds, many teenagers go into illegal territory. Or at the crossroads of extreme choice.

For this reason, illegal online gambling among teenagers must be eradicated.

In order to eradicate illegal online gambling among teenagers, first, social responsibility of the subjects who legally operate the gambling industry is required. Just as you check your identity when purchasing alcohol, you must check whether you are an adult when purchasing a lottery or voting ticket related to gambling.

Second, law enforcement authorities should crack down on illegal online gambling at all times. If there is an illegality, law enforcement of zero tolerance is required. To this end, it is necessary to review the sentencing standards for gambling-related crimes. In addition, the competent authority overseeing the gambling industry should be given effective execution rights, such as the right to block illegal online gambling sites and the right to suspend account payments.

Finally, psychological accessibility should be lowered through active campaigns to inform adolescents of the risk of illegal gambling. In addition, society and the government, including parents, schools, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, should work together to establish a comprehensive and systematic system and social safety net to prevent illegal gambling among teenagers.

Youth is the future of our society. If teenagers don\’t have a future, there is no future for Korea. The problem of illegal online gambling among teenagers is no longer a cross-river. It\’s just outside the door of our society with existing and obvious dangers.