Reasons and standards for addiction to illegal gambling these days

It is said that the form of illegal gambling has been online offline. Access to gambling has become much better than in the past. Nowadays, it has become an environment where it is easy for anyone to gamble if they have a smartphone, so few gambling people don’t do it online. Looking at the penetration rate of youth smartphones alone, it is already more than 90%, so it can be said that gambling addiction problems are also being exposed to teenagers. 

OP사이트 supports eradicating gambling.

Sports Toto launches online illegal gambling addiction prevention campaign

Sports Toto Korea, a sports Toto trustee of the National Sports Promotion Foundation’s sports promotion voting rights, will launch the third online gambling addiction prevention campaign in 2021 through the 21st through the online official release site “Bet Man.”

The campaign, which will be held for the third time this year in conjunction with the Seoul Center for Gambling Problems, is designed to raise awareness of gambling addiction and to create an environment where customers can enjoy Sports Toto more healthily by preventing excessive immersion.

The 3rd online gambling addiction prevention campaign can be conducted by visiting the event page on the official online release site Batman to participate in CPGI and a sound purchase pledge, and participants selected as middle and high-risk groups can receive early intervention (prevention and healing) service at the Seoul Center.

Those who have completed both CPGI and sound purchase pledges in the campaign will be given BHC chicken sets (5 people), Shinsegae gift certificates (10 people), Paris Baguette 5,000 won (20 people), CU 5,000 won (20 people), and Starbucks Americano exchange certificates (20 people) through a lottery.

The Korea Gambling Problem Management Center is a public institution established by the government for projects and activities such as prevention, healing, and rehabilitation related to illegal gambling gambling addiction caused by gambling industry.

The winners of this campaign will be announced on the 25th, and details can be found on the campaign event page in “Betman.”

Prevention and treatment of illegal gambling

Conducting a youth online illegal gambling addiction prevention campaign

A campaign will be held to prevent youth illegal gambling problems. The Seoul Center of the Korea Gambling Problem Management Center (Director Shin Haeng-ho, hereinafter referred to as the “Seoul Center”) announced that the Seoul Youth Counseling and Welfare Center will conduct an online campaign to prevent youth gambling problems (hereinafter referred to as “campaign”) from the 28th to April 24.

With the recent development of information and communication technology and the expansion of smartphones, it has become an environment where teenagers can easily fall into online illegal gambling. The two organizations will organize this campaign to inform teenagers who easily fall into illegal online illegal gambling of the dangers of gambling harm and to provide healing services to teenagers with gambling problems.

Any youth living in Seoul can participate in the campaign on the website of the Korea illegal gambling Problem Management Center and the Seoul Youth Counseling and Welfare Center. Those who want to participate can respond to the screening test that measures the severity of the illegal gambling problem and write an acrostic poem with “1336” or “1336. If the screening test results are more than two points, if you agree to the early intervention text service for illegal gambling problems, you can receive information on prevention and healing of gambling problems for eight weeks

The Seoul Center announced that it will also provide mobile coupons worth 10,000 won to a total of 100 people through a lottery among participants in the campaign.

“The number of teenagers visiting the center is rapidly increasing due to illegal gambling problems,” said Shin Haeng-ho, head of the Seoul Center. “I hope this campaign will create an atmosphere where many teenagers check and prevent gambling problems on their own.”

Korea Racing Authority launches campaign to eradicate illegal gambling for horse racing officials

The Korea Racing Authority will launch an eradication campaign by July to eradicate and prevent illegal gambling by horse racing officials.

illegal gambling by horse racing officials is subject to sanctions through a reward and punishment committee in accordance with the horse racing enforcement regulations, and the Korea Racing Authority strictly imposes sanctions on illegal gambling related to horse racing under related laws.

This campaign to eradicate illegal gambling is also promoted with the aim of raising awareness of such illegal gambling and preventing it in advance.

According to a survey of illegal gambling conducted by the Integrated Commission on gambling, the amount of gambling in Korea was 81.5 trillion won as of 2019, about 3.6 times that of the legal gambling industry (22.65 trillion won).

The Korea Racing Authority plans to distribute promotional materials such as anti-penalties for illegal gambling brochures and posters and expose them to the homepage of the horse racing administration system in order to spread the seriousness and harmful effects of illegal gambling to officials.

In order to preemptively prevent illegal gambling, the government will focus on blocking temptations related to gambling by establishing standards such as guiding professional counseling agencies and encouraging psychological counseling, specifying sanctions on those involved in gambling.

An official from the Korea Racing Association said, “Special management and prevention are especially important for officials who make horse racing sick as well as individuals,” adding, “We will continue to do our best to carry out sound and fair horse racing campaigns.”

“The spread of illegal sports illegal gambling due to COVID-19” by the Korea Institute for Criminal and Legal Policy

illegal gambling

A Study on the Trend and Countermeasures of Illegal Sports illegal gambling before and after COVID-19

The overall sports industry faced a crisis of death due to COVID-19, but the spread of illegal sports illegal gambling has not been dampened.

The Korea Institute for Criminal and Legal Policy (Hyungwon) conducted a study on the trend and countermeasures of illegal sports gambling before and after COVID-19 at the request of Sports Toto, a trustee of Sports Toto, a sports promotion voting rights.

◆ Korea’s illegal gambling industry shrinks due to COVID-19…Illegal sports gambling still prevails

According to a Hyungwon study, the size of the illegal sports illegal gambling market in 2020 was about 20.2 trillion won. This is not much different from Article 20.5 compiled in the “4th Gambling Survey” of the gambling industry supervisory committee (hereinafter referred to as the audit committee) in 2019, which is almost the same level considering the range of errors in statistics.

In addition, considering that sports around the world were suspended for about 50 days in 2020 due to COVID-19, the illegal sports gambling market continued to spread. Hyungwon estimated that if there was no suspension of sports events in 2020, it would have increased by about 10 to 13% to 22.2 to 22.8 trillion won.

illegal gambling business act

* Estimation Method – Using the Scale Estimation Model of the 4th Gambling Survey of the Board of Audit and Inspection

* Source: A Study on the Trend and Countermeasures of Illegal Sports Gambling Before and After COVID-19, Korea Institute for Criminal Policy, March 2021

◆ Estimated tax and fund evasion due to illegal sports gambling by approximately 30 trillion won over five years

In addition, this study draws attention by estimating the size of portals such as taxes and funds due to illegal sports gambling. The Hyungwon calculated the amount of tax and fund evasion due to illegal sports gambling over the past five years based on the ratio of taxes and funds paid by legal sports Toto’s annual sales (about 31%), and the calculation showed that the size reached about 30 trillion won over the past five years. This is estimated based only on illegal sports gambling, and the scale is expected to be much larger if the entire illegal gambling market is substituted.

*Source: A Study on the Trends and Countermeasures of Illegal Sports Gambling Before and After COVID-19, Korea Institute for Criminal Policy, March 2021

◆In order to reduce the use of illegal sports gambling, strengthening the competitiveness of legal sports Toto should be a priority

An online survey was conducted on the perception of sports Toto-related systems for sports betting users, and a total of 1,696 people participated. Sports betting users recognized that the use of illegal sports gambling would decrease if Sports Toto’s system such as mobile betting, increased purchase time and games, allowed single betting, and increased dividend rates, while strengthening illegal sports gambling penalties, preventive education, and campaigns would be less effective. This means that in order to prevent the use of illegal sports gambling, the system improvement related to the strengthening of the gameability of legal sports Toto products is more effective.

* Source: A Study on the Trend and Countermeasures of Illegal Sports Gambling Before and After COVID-19, Korea Institute for Criminal Policy, March 2021

◆ It is necessary to induce active participation in eradicating illegal sports gambling by gambling industry implementation agencies

The Audit and Inspection Committee has been conducting a robust evaluation of the gambling industry implementation institutions every year since 2010, and reflects it in the process of setting the total sales volume for the next year according to the evaluation performance.

In a research report, Hyung Jeong-won pointed out that the audit committee’s soundness evaluation has had many positive effects on the soundness of the gambling industry, but the current evaluation system is not enough to induce voluntary efforts by gambling agencies to eradicate illegal sports gambling.

If the contribution of implementing agencies related to eradicating illegal gambling is reflected in the soundness evaluation and reflected in the setting of total sales, voluntary efforts by implementing agencies will be strengthened and the illegal gambling industry can be effectively responded to.

◆ Benchmarking of overseas sports betting companies and strengthening the competitiveness of the domestic sports betting industry are urgently needed

As the non-face-to-face situation intensifies due to COVID-19, the domestic professional sports and indoor sports industry is facing a crisis of death, and the gambling industry is also shrinking. On the contrary, overseas sports betting companies that have established sales networks based on the Internet and mobile are increasing their sales despite the crisis of suspending sports games due to COVID-19. The overseas sports betting market is expected to shift from offline to mobile in the future based on the already learned mobile betting method.

The research report proposed △ benchmarking overseas sports betting companies’ competitiveness after COVID-19 △ reducing regulations and delaying the application of total sales, etc. 국내 expanding the domestic sports betting industry’s competitiveness 환 improving the refund rate system 모 improving the sales system.

The expansion of bets for domestic competitions needs to be reviewed, considering the reality and measures to revitalize unpopular sports, and single bets are already in place worldwide, although there are concerns about gambling, and the survey above shows that they will be effective in reducing illegal sports gambling users.

The improvement of the refund rate system is an effective measure that can be used soundly within the institutional sphere and suppress the expansion of the illegal market. Considering the increase or decrease in sales due to the adjustment of the refund rate over the past decade, the increase in sales due to the increase in the refund rate has been studied to turn illegal sports gambling demand into a legal business, and a survey of users has also shown that the adjustment is effective in reducing illegal use.

Mobile betting is the most effective way to respond to overseas sports betting companies and illegal sports gambling markets, and the sports Toto business is the key to turning into a customer-centered service business.

The improvement of the total sales system for the gambling industry is expected to help induce voluntary efforts by implementing agencies to grow the legal gambling industry and eradicate illegal sports gambling.

◆The government needs to make efforts to crack down on illegal sports gambling

The research report raised the need to establish a dedicated organization within the National Police Agency to effectively crack down on illegal sports gambling, minimize confusion in the crackdown and investigation, and develop and promote cooperation with the National Police Agency and the autonomous police if the department is confirmed.

In addition, it pointed out that illegal site operators take one to two days to open a replica site, while illegal site reporting/blocking process takes more than a month, limiting its effectiveness. To minimize this, it proposed to introduce a “fast blocking system for illegal gambling information.”

Finally, he said that the period of crackdown on illegal gambling, which is irregular and one-off, needs to be regularly linked to gambling industry enforcement agencies, operating entities, prosecution and police, and information and communication supervisory agencies such as related to crackdown and investigation.

gambling addiction prevention education campaign

Efforts to establish the race race as a healthy leisure culture continue.

The Gyeongju Business Headquarters of the National Sports Promotion Corporation visited Incheon Branch and Bucheon Branch for two days on the 19th and 20th.

This preventive education and campaign was conducted to inform the customers of the economy and to raise awareness of gambling addiction and to strengthen awareness of responsible gambling. In addition, it was designed to induce the establishment of healthy leisure culture in the economy-related business.

The education was conducted through a specialist counselor at the Gyeongju Business Headquarters’ Hope Gilbot (Addiction Prevention and Healing Center) with a lecture on prevention of addiction, relaxation of over-indulgence, and healing methods under the theme of Gambling Addiction and Immersion.

In addition, the credit recovery committee counselor’s gambling game and immersion added to the problems and harms that occur in family, work, and economic and legal. It is to raise seriousness and awareness about gambling addiction.

Then, a self-diagnosis test (CPGI) screening test was conducted to diagnose the degree of gambling addiction among participants, and a high risk group of gambling addiction was found. And in the field, one-on-one in-depth counseling led to deaddiction.

In particular, the activities were conducted jointly by the Korea Gambling Problem Management Center Incheon Center, as well as the credit recovery committee’s personal credit recovery and debt adjustment consultation. It is an evaluation that it has improved the response and effectiveness of participating customers.

“Prevention activities are essential to prevent the harm caused by gambling addiction early,” said a source from Gilbot, who conducted the preventive education. “The Gyeongju headquarters will take the lead in eradicating gambling addiction by developing more active activities in the future.”

Meanwhile, gambling addiction prevention education continues in the future. On the 26th and 27th, Gwanak and Chang’an branches, June 9th and 10th will be held at Seongbuk and Dongdaemun branches, and June 16th and 17th will be held at Uijeongbu and Gangnam branches.

Let’s self-diagnose whether or not you’re addicted to games!

Most gamers don’t know whether they’re addicted or not, so it’s so easy to start playing games when we’re young that we’re addicted to games. I think it is the most urgent thing to understand the seriousness by doing self-diagnosis directly ~ !

Why did he talk about game addiction and even propose game addiction?

The most basic concept is that if you are addicted to the game, you will not have a conversation and your grades will fall. If these symptoms are left untouched, it will become a serious condition that can not help but be isolated from society
So if you look at yourself and see these symptoms, you should consult your parents, teachers, game addiction counseling center, etc. and treat them!

So, do you want to know what these symptoms are?

Game addiction is not only an Internet game, but also a smartphone game,
The same goes for PlayStation and Nintendo. First of all, our children who are suffering from abnormalities in school and everyday life due to loss of control and control due to game addiction, and are addictive like drugs, so we do not know how to leave in front of the computer at this time!!
Not only teenagers but adults also show similar phenomena.
I think that the psychological stress that I want to escape from reality is an act to be rewarded through games.

So, do you want me to see if I’m a game addict or not through self-diagnosis?

도박중독을 치료하는데 유용한 마사지 정보는 런베스트오피가 잘 알려 줍니다.

[Game Addiction Self-Diagnosis]

Please check carefully to see if there are any items.
(As it is a self-diagnosis, please judge it conscientiously.)
1.It feels like the game has taken a very important position in its life.
2. To feel satisfied, they play games for more and more time.
3. If you do not play a game or suddenly reduce the game time, you feel anxiety, anxiety, nervousness, and discomfort.
4. Because of the game, conflicts arise with family, friends, and people around them, and problems arise in the current life of schools, family life, etc.
5.I have been pointed out about playing a lot of games around me, but I have lied that there is no problem with the game.
6. Playing games makes you feel uncomfortable and difficult at school or at home.
7. I recognize that there is a problem with playing too much games and try to control myself, but I have often failed and desperated.
8. They are using more time, energy, and money to play games.
9. If you play games for a long time, such as a night’s break, you feel chronic fatigue and it is difficult to concentrate on classes (work) due to lack of sleep.
10. There is no hobby like sports other than games;
11. Use the chat language in the game as an identification in real life;
12. Life becomes irregular through games, perception and absence become frequent, and furthermore, he has acted in trouble such as returning home, staying out, and running away from home.
13. There are many irritating and impulsive behaviors, and they have rebelled and resisted against their parents and surrounding adults.
14. Human relations between family and school become estranged or conflict increases, and more friends on cyber.

It’s not a game addiction. I’m enjoying the game with the right lines.
<4 to 8> Game addiction is currently in progress. It is a good way to recognize that there is a problem on your own so that you do not become addicted to games, and to reduce game time.
<9 ~ 14> It is a game addiction, and it is suffering from many obstacles to everyday life due to the game.
You can not escape from game addiction yourself, and you need to consult with experts.

What should we do with game addiction?
The most important thing is that I want to get out of the game myself
It is most important, and it is most important to increase the outdoor activity time by talking with family members and exercising with friends.In addition, making efforts to make efforts for your own dreams or what you want rather than games is a shortcut to escape game addiction.