Drugs are called highly addictive crimes. But gambling is a more addictive crime than drugs. Looking at the size of the illegal gambling market, it was found that as of 2015, it reached about 83.8 trillion won and up to 169.7 trillion won. Considering that the size of the construction market is 100 trillion won per year, the scale is actually enormous. Many people are into the world of illegal gambling.

Conventionally, illegal gambling was done in remote greenhouses in the countryside. However, now, due to the popularization of smartphones and the development of information and communication technology, illegal gambling can be enjoyed online without restrictions on time and place. Some studies show that online gambling is more addictive than offline gambling. As of 2015, online gambling accounted for 56% (47 trillion won) of the total amount of illegal gambling. It is only a matter of time before online illegal gambling exceeds the size of offline illegal gambling.

The most serious problem is that the rapid growth of illegal online gambling is coloring teenagers in gambling. The Korea Center for Gambling Management said 6.4% of middle and high school students and 21% of out-of-school teenagers are having problems due to gambling.

I\’m having a serious problem with gambling

You can\’t act like you\’re watching a fire across the river

The problem of online illegal gambling among teenagers is also a gambling addiction, but it is a bigger problem as it can lead to other crimes. It can cause violence in schools to cover gambling costs. If it becomes difficult to cover expenses within a school, you can commit theft or robbery of another person\’s property. Or, they are misled by the advertisement for \”short-term emergency money\” and touch illegal bonds. Illegal bonds carry astronomical interest. Interest is dozens of times the principal. In order to pay off illegal bonds, many teenagers go into illegal territory. Or at the crossroads of extreme choice.

For this reason, illegal online gambling among teenagers must be eradicated.

In order to eradicate illegal online gambling among teenagers, first, social responsibility of the subjects who legally operate the gambling industry is required. Just as you check your identity when purchasing alcohol, you must check whether you are an adult when purchasing a lottery or voting ticket related to gambling.

Second, law enforcement authorities should crack down on illegal online gambling at all times. If there is an illegality, law enforcement of zero tolerance is required. To this end, it is necessary to review the sentencing standards for gambling-related crimes. In addition, the competent authority overseeing the gambling industry should be given effective execution rights, such as the right to block illegal online gambling sites and the right to suspend account payments.

Finally, psychological accessibility should be lowered through active campaigns to inform adolescents of the risk of illegal gambling. In addition, society and the government, including parents, schools, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, should work together to establish a comprehensive and systematic system and social safety net to prevent illegal gambling among teenagers.

Youth is the future of our society. If teenagers don\’t have a future, there is no future for Korea. The problem of illegal online gambling among teenagers is no longer a cross-river. It\’s just outside the door of our society with existing and obvious dangers.