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The standard of gambling and why gambling should not be done

I got an article about gambling by a famous girl group in the morning news. There are several cases related to gambling by celebrities every year, and there are so many types of illegal tomatoes, private tomatoes, casinos, sports gambling, hwatu, and match-fixing. Sometimes people think that gambling is a crime when they say they gamble with their own money, so today we\’ll find out what the crime is and why they shouldn\’t gamble.

Gambling is ?

It means that the parties stake each other\’s property and determine the gains and losses of the property by accident. There is no limit to the subject, and gambling is a necessary accomplice because two or more people must participate in it due to its nature. An object is also a property benefit.

ex)In the case of one-sided gambling (fraud gambling), gambling is not established due to the lack of coincidence.

In gambling crimes, \”accidental\” is subjectively determining victory or defeat in relation to facts that cannot be predicted or freely controlled by the parties.

Time for the crime of gambling to be established

When an abstract dangerous criminal starts gambling, a crime is established. There is no need to win or lose or gain or loss of wealth in terms of whether or not it is a starting position. When gambling is only a degree of temporary entertainment, illegality is not established as an act that is not contrary to social norms.


Criteria for determining conventionality

The habituality referred to in the precedent refers to the nature of gambling, the number of gambling, etc. is important in judging the existence of such a habit, but even if there is no gambling record, the nature and method of gambling, the size of gambling, and the sun that participated in gambling are recognized.

I learned about gambling. Then I thought about why I shouldn\’t gamble. In gambling crimes, \”an act that is not contrary to social norms to the degree of temporary lock\” is engraved with illegality, and social norms refer to the sound sense of morality of the general public or the sound ethical sentiment of the general public. It can also be said that it is a normal rule of conduct that the average person who thinks fairly approves of being right while living a healthy social life.

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Literally gambling is not fair. This is because the game is decided by chance and property is acquired. Someone will start making money easily, and accordingly someone will lose it. Gambling is not a win-win game for everyone, but it will be easy to make money without working or labor by accidentally acquiring the other person\’s property. So if gambling is not restricted by law, people who make money easily will reduce their motivation to work and think that it is not a fair society. So, I think our country is restricted by law.

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