Bicycle racing Gambling addiction prevention education and campaign program development for customers who use ‘bicycle racing’

Conduct education and campaign programs to establish bicycle racing as a healthy leisure culture.

The National Sports Promotion Agency (Chairman Hyun-jae Cho) said that the Gyeongju Business Headquarters directly visited the Incheon and Bucheon branches on the 19th and 20th to conduct gambling addiction prevention education and campaigns for bicycle riders.

This prevention education/campaign was prepared to inform customers about the dangers of gambling addiction, to reinforce awareness of responsible gambling and to induce the establishment of a healthy leisure culture in the bicycle racing business.

The education was conducted with a lecture on addiction prevention, alleviation of over-immersion, and healing methods under the theme of \’gambling addiction and immersion\’ through a professional counselor at Hope Gilbet (Addiction Prevention and Healing Center) at the Gyeongju Business Headquarters.

In addition, by explaining the problems and harms of family, workplace, and economic and legal problems caused by excessive immersion in speculative games by a professional counselor of the Credit Recovery Committee, the seriousness and awareness of gambling addiction were aroused.

Then, through a self-diagnostic test (CPGI) screening test to diagnose the degree of gambling addiction among participants, high-risk groups of gambling addiction were identified, and one-on-one in-depth counseling was induced on the spot.

In particular, this activity is evaluated to have improved the response and effectiveness of participating customers by jointly providing counseling on gambling problems with the Incheon Center of the Korea Gambling Management Center, as well as counseling on personal credit recovery and debt restructuring by the Credit Recovery Committee. .

An official from Hope Gilbot, who conducted this prevention education, said, “Preventive activities are absolutely necessary to prevent the harmful effects of gambling addiction at an early stage.” will,” he said.

Meanwhile, education on gambling addiction prevention will continue. It will be held at the Gwanak and Jangan branches on the 26th and 27th, respectively, at the Seongbuk and Dongdaemun branches on June 9 and 10, and at the Uijeongbu and Gangnam branches on June 16 and 17.

Customers are participating in the bicycle racing over-immersion prevention campaign

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