I went to Sol Thai Massage, which specializes in ★오피 마사지★ service.
Located not far from Songjeong Station in Gwangju,
It\’s located in the basement of the main building of The Sol Hotel!
About 5 to 10 minutes walk from Songjeong Station?
I know that there are a lot of guests because it\’s close
If you don\’t know the time of the train, I\’ll go to the
It\’d be nice to get a massage and take a break, right?
It\’s inside the hotel
There\’s plenty of parking space
You can go into the main building. Go, go, go
If you go in, you can see the front desk on your right
Gwangju Gwangsan-gu Massage Salt Tea
From the left, use the stairs or the elevator
You can go down to B1.

Gwangju Gwangsan-gu Massage in the hotel
You think it\’s expensive? That\’s not true.
There\’s a slight difference in the price of the day and night
Weekly ★ 오피 마사지 ★ Price for 60 minutes is 25,000 won!
Aroma ★ 오피 마사지 ★ 35,000 won! The price is okay, right?
If you use it as a couple, you can get an additional 5,000 won discount
There is an additional benefit if you pay for the membership.
There are drinks and snacks on one side.
I can drink coffee beans
Simple canned drinks, juice types,
And there are snacks, too.

I reserved ★오피 마사지 ★ in advance
There was a little problem because our reservation was omitted.
I was flustered, but they handled it well
I almost got upset, but I came out in a good mood.
They\’re all so kind. Compared to other massage shops,
I felt the service was good.

It hasn\’t been long since it opened
Everything is very clean and the interior is pretty, too!

It\’s not on camera
My ghostly brother doesn\’t know when we took a couple picture.
What makes me different from other massage shops is
There\’s a checklist like this!
You can check the strength of the massage you want
I want to focus more on what I want to get
You can check what you need to be careful about
There\’s a problem with a part of the body
It\’s hard to communicate with foreign massagers
It\’s a great service for those who felt it was hard
I recently got an ear piercing
I checked to be careful.
I asked them to focus on the trapezius muscles and the back
Lives with chronic stiffness

This is a place for foot baths.
Change into a massage suit and take a foot bath for 10 minutes!
If you warm your feet first,
It helps blood circulation throughout the body
It will also maximize the massage effect, right?
There were quite a few rooms
The space is well divided independently.

There was a styler in the hallway!
I hope you hang your coat here in the winter
This is the room we\’re assigned to
I\’ve been assigned a comfortable double room.
I changed into massage clothes like sauna clothes
Aroma massage also gives disposable underwear
Put your personal items in the locker
You can come out to take a foot bath with the key
Isn\’t the Starbucks key ring so cute?

I love the burgundy massage suit
Oh my! You know the manners to wear a mask, right?
Massage people wear masks, too.
Let\’s soak your feet warm in the foot bath.
I liked it because it was warm, but Obang said it was hot
If you look at it like it\’s colder than I am;

Blue purple? It\’s so pretty, right?
The water is soft and has a nice scent.
I didn\’t even eat during lunch
I was hungry and sensitive
They gave me something to eat!
A little bit of syrup. Sweet iced coffee
Eating snacks makes me feel full
I suddenly feel good
After 10 minutes of foot bath,
The massage staff came and said hello
Wipe your feet. 🙂

And for an hour,
I got a couple aroma massage!
The parts that I checked on the checklist
I felt that they paid a lot of attention to it
Aroma has a lower pressure than a taimasaji
I think my trapezius muscles were very tight
They released it well with strong pressure.
Cover it with a big towel
Wrap it with a small towel so that oil doesn\’t get on your hair
They did a great job.

Therapyists are pretty good at Korean
I can communicate with all the basic things!
And lastly, Cup Kunka! If I say goodbye,
They really like it.Hah!

But one thing that\’s unfortunate is that
In the room where you get aroma massage, the shower room
They\’re not together. They\’re separate
I\’m going to get dressed and take a shower
You have to go back and forth? crying
It doesn\’t matter if it\’s a tie-massage
But it was close because it was right in front of the room
The shower room was clean and the water pressure was strong.

Friendly service, state-of-the-art clean facilities,
And it has a lot of advantages, including its affordable price
It was Thailand\’s ★ 오피 마사지 ★ review.